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NBA players take their pre-game fits very seriously, to hammer home that point look no further than Serge Ibaka. During a recent episode of Interrupted x Hold Renfrew’s AVEC CLASSE, Ibaka’s teammate, O.G. Anunoby, challenged him for the fashion crown, and it led to a hilarious challenge involving scarfs.

What about scarves? That’s what third-year NBA baller asked his fellow teammate after Ibaka swatted Anunoby’s claims of putting him onto particular styles and teaching him how to dress (we highly doubt that). When it came to scarves, everyone’s favorite winter accessory, O.G., was pretty confident that he had 30-year-old Serge beat in that department and even claimed that Ibaka got some inspiration from him when he spotted him wearing one. Interestingly, Serge’s scarf game has always been on point.

Anyway, Serge confidently denied that, making sure to point out that Anunoby is still a junior in the league and in the NBA fashion streets and gave us a great line that should have humbled O.G.

“I don’t do fashion bro, I do art.”

That would shut down any debate, but O.G. didn’t back down and showed up to last night’s Toronto Raptors vs. Indiana Pacers with a Burberry scarf wrapped around his head.

Not a strong showing at all, plus little did O.G. know that his competition was going to arrive at Scotiabank Bank arena guns blazing. Taking a page out of the original scarf god, Lenny Kravitz’s book, Ibaka showed up rocking a knitted scarf the size of a blanket elegantly wrapped around his neck. Oh, and by the way, he killed it.

Game. Set. Match.

But again, we must point out that Lenny Kravitz did it better.

Please Serge and O.G. keep this hilarious energy going, we are here for it. You can peep the hilarious reactions to the #scarfoff and Ibaka’s big scarf energy below.

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