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Valentine’s Day is typically all about red roses, boxes of chocolates, teddy bears, balloons, and other trinkets designed to express our love for those dear to us. However, there is a segment of the population that likes to light up their loved ones’ lives in another fashion via cannabis, and we’ve got a handy gift guide for some ideas.

I’ve been candid in these pages in expressing that my use of cannabis isn’t purely recreational. While I try to treat the plant as the medicine it can be for various ailments, I can admit that there are times I’m just looking to kick back and relax. To me, this guide is geared towards sharing the love and the leaf.

I’ve got some brands here that I’ve featured before and continue to use in my daily life, along with some items I’ve yet to try but will make certain to do so very soon.

Stay tuned for our upcoming 420 gift guide, which will be a hefty one, in April.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the lovers out there. Indulge safely.

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1. Blazy Susan Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2024

Blazy Susan Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2024 Source:Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan was founded in Colorado by Virginia native Will Breakell and is one of my favorite brands in the space. Rolling trays, smell-proof fanny packs, rolling papers, rose wraps, you name it. I am a huge fan of their products, including their resin blaster cleaner. 

Check them out here.

2. Dazed x Stache

Dazed x Stache Source:Stache

Dazed Cannabis, a Black and veteran-owned cannabis company, partnered with the Stache apparel brand for a limited hoodie and stash bag collaboration. The hoodie comes equipped with a smell-proof pocket, which Stache is known for. Grab one for you and your boo so you can mob in the city on the low. 

Get yours here.

3. G Pen

G Pen Source:G Pen

G Pen offers a wide array of devices for concentrates and flower and has several collaborations including one with Dr. Greenthumb, fronted by B-Real of Cypress Hill fame. I featured the G Pen Dash+ in the image space, which is great for those of us who either don’t feel like rolling up or for folks like me who aren’t very good at it.

Learn more here.

4. Proxy Travel Bag by Puffco

Proxy Travel Bag Source:Puffco

If you’re a normal reader of our site, you already know how down we love Puffco. Check out their Proxy Travel Bag, which allows the savvy cannabis user a dope way to transport the goods en route for a night in with their love.

Check them out here.

5. Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser – Pink

Studenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser - Pink Source:other

Those of us of a certain age might know about the infamous gravity bongs, especially early in our quest in cannabis consumption. Stündenglass improves upon the tech by way of its award-winning gravity infusers. Look at that pink! Doesn’t that just scream romance?

Check them out here.

Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser 

6. That Badu

2023 Mother's Day Cannabis Gift Guide for Canna-Moms Source:Various

That Badu is the dope collaboration between the legendary Erykah Badu and the popular Cookies brand. We’re featuring some CBD teas here but the That Badu line also consists of THC products as well. Get lifted Badu style with your boo.

Learn more here.