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Are they good or nah? A recent video has Twitter wondering what in the world is going on with Stevie J and Faith Evans?

Earlier in the month, news broke about Steebie, and Faith Evan’s three-year was coming to an end after he filed for divorce. A clip shared by blogger Tasha K featuring the reality star arguing with the R&B singer about her alleged cheating has social media scratching their heads and applauding her for giving him a taste of his own medicine.

In the clip, the couple can be seen arguing in what is presumed to be their home. Stevie J is recording the entire interaction trying to get answers out his wife about her allegedly creeping around. Most of what Stevie J is saying is censored but, we do hear him ask his wife if she was “happy” about cheating on him in the couple’s home with Faith telling him “Mmm-hmm,” and to “leave her alone.”

“Please leave me alone. I hate you!” Faith tells Stevie J. “I hate you too,” Stevie replies. “All I did was love you. How could you do that to me?” Stevie asks while Faith tries to snatch his phone from his hand.

This video surfacing comes after Faith shared a clip of the couple on the beach, doing cartwheels enjoying each other’s company giving the impression the couple was working through their issues.

How Tasha K got her hands on this footage is a mystery, but we wouldn’t put it past either Stevie J or his ex and the mother of his child Joseline Hernandez leaking it out. Hernandez was initially the one who claimed Faith Evans was cheating on Stevie J with younger men.

Twitter has been reacting to the shenanigans between Stevie J and Fatih Evans. You can peep the tweets in the gallery below.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty


At least wait for Mona Scott Young and the Love & Hip Hop camera crew to arrive.


We damn sure did.


Yes, yes they are. 


The tables have turned.






Who hurt you?