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Update (June 14, 2:30 p.m.): Rapper YK Osiris is being accused of harassing Sukihana by trying to kiss her without consent.

Sukihana made her name in the world of reality television and music by way of her outsized personality and sex-drenched rap lyrics. The social media star is trending on Twitter at the moment after a clip from Kandi Burruss’ podcast resurfaced where the singer’s co-host aggressively comes on to Sukihana unwarranted.

Sukihana, 31, was a previous guest on Burruss’ Kandi Koated podcast co-hosted by DJ AONE three months ago with Big Gipp of Goodie Mob fame. A fan on Twitter seized on a portion of the podcast where DJ AONE is clearly under the influence of whatever was in his red cup and straight-up bullying his way into a sexual encounter with Sukihana.

While “Suki With The Good Coochie” has an image and operates a very active OnlyFans account, she clearly tells DJ AONE that his advances are a bit over the top and that a person needs to earn the right to her the proper way. In the clip, Burruss can be heard laughing at DJ AONE’s advances but does acknowledge how aggressive he was.

We are sharing the clip below but do warn that there is explicit language that might be triggering to some.

As some on Twitter noted, Sukihana may have been irritated by the comment but not necessarily uncomfortable. Still, it sparked a debate on Twitter about how some men are too familiar with women who promote a sexy image and take things too far.

There was also another clip of DJ AONE appearing to show off his “package” to Sukihana while Burruss can be heard in the back discussing package sizes.

Credit should go to @baniwinnie on TikTok for bringing the clip back to life on social media.

On Twitter, it appears that the raging debate is how men often sexualize beautiful or expressive women for their own benefit, which we saw happen with the Home Depot Hottie over the weekend. Basically, we’re seeing a lack of “ball control” from the men these days.

As for the YK Osiris incident, it happened at The Crew League event in Atlanta this past weekend. Osiris is seen repeatedly attempting to kiss Suki despite her clear non-consent.

By her reaction during and after the incident, what YK Osiris did was not okay.

We’ve got all the reactions from Twitter below.

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