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Summer Walker has been viewed as something of an eccentric celebrity due to her social media presence and occasional outbursts that have gone viral for all the wrong reasons. Once again, the talented vocalist has social media in an uproar after sharing a photo of her baby, but what has Twitter most alarmed is the assumption that she’s feeding the child hemp smoothies.

A Twitter user under the name @xopinkvodka6 shared a tweet Tuesday evening that featured Walker, 25, holding her baby outdoors while wearing a bra and panties. The same tweet features an image of a smoothie prep with hemp hearts, some type of plant butter, honey, and a baby bottle. While Walker didn’t explicitly say she’s feeding her child the concoction, most on Twitter believe it to be a meal prep situation given the appearance of the baby bottle.

The images launched Twitter into a debate about the baby’s appearance, with some stating that the baby appeared underweight. Some pushed back and said that not every baby is a chubby bundle of joy but that was countered by critics who said that Walker should nurse her child and not provide the baby with foods meant for adults.

Walker has used her social media pages to express her disappointment in her child’s father, London On Da Track, and has been under fire for her comments about the coronavirus in times past. Via her @Galactawhore Instagram page, Walker continues to display the more visually expressive side of her personality although many on the outside have, perhaps unfairly, assessed Walker by the content she puts out and not by her tremendous vocal talent.

The image of Summer Walker and her baby is featured below. Keep scrolling for reactions from Twitter.

UPDATE: Summer Walker has responded to critics who had plenty to say about her daughter, who she has referred to as Princess Bubblegum in times past, and also shot at fans who wondered why she isn’t showing the child’s face. In a series of now-deleted Instagram posts, Summer had some choice words for the folks out there that attacked her and the baby.

Also y’all: roasting a baby who’s face you can’t even see. lol make it make sense. In conclusion mf’s is weird and I will never post my baby so stop asking,” Walker wrote.

Fans on Walker’s page demanded to see her daughter’s face and had vicious inquiries into what was assumed to be a meal prep setup for the child.

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