Summer Walker is upset with Black people for coming for her over a post seeking a "white or gay" assistant.

With the release of the new record, the singer and songwriter notched her first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 charts

The singer and songwriter just unleashed her Still Over It album to the masses after months of teasing, and fans are giving the project some early approval.

Walker dropped a new single from her forthcoming Still Over It album titled "Ex For A Reason" featuring JT of the City Girls fame, and fans on Twitter are sharing mixed reactions.

Walker claims that the father of her child has been stalking her DMs and begging to get next to her, but London says that the R&B songstress' claims are all cap and called her a "liar" in the process.

The talented vocalist has social media in an uproar after sharing a photo of her baby, but what has Twitter most alarmed is the assumption that she's feeding the child hemp smoothies.

Summer Walker is going through it. While the bliss of announcing she was pregnant was a high, she promptly hit a low when she aired out her baby daddy to be as a deadbeat on social media—and it quickly backfired on her.

On Monday (Nov 23) as a part of the "Musicians on Musicians" segment for Rolling Stone, Badu sat down with Summer Walker and discussed the beginning of her relationship with 3 Stacks, revealing that when the two first became an item, it was fueled mostly by the physical attraction before noting that the two became close friends while raising their son. 

Summer Walker is catching flack on Twitter for sharing an insanely racially insensitive post. The video in question claims to show Chinese people spreading the coronavirus on purpose.

Summer Walker caught some heat online this weekend after a fan slammed the Over It star for being a little less than friendly at a recent meet and greet event. Walker defended her choice to not touch and hug fans due to the fact that she identifies as an empath.

Summer Walker released her studio debut album Over It earlier this month to much fanfare, and the enthusiasm from her loyal fan base paid off. The Atlanta songstress notched a new streaming record based on her numbers, beating out Beyoncé’s Lemonade as the most-streamed R&B album by a woman in its first week of release.

Summer Walker broke out in 2018 on the heels of her acclaimed debut commercial mixtape, Last Days Of Summer, and its big single “Girls Need Love” with the remix featuring Drake. The 23-year-old songstress has released her debut studio album Over It, and R&B Twitter is deep into their emo feels right now.