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Summer Walker might be in the headlines for reasons outside of music these days, but fans of the songstress are primed and ready for new tunes. Walker dropped a new single from her forthcoming Still Over It album titled “Ex For A Reason” featuring JT of the City Girls fame, and fans on Twitter are sharing mixed reactions.

Produced by Buddah Bless, Sean Garrett, and Boobie, Walker, 25, digs deep into her sharp songwriting bag and doesn’t mince words as she sings about a lover who needs to check an ex-girlfriend who isn’t respecting the boundaries of the relationship. While Walker croons about going through her lover’s phone and threatening to “spin the block” as the kids say, it’s JT’s verse that hammers home what the song is all about.

From “Ex For A Reason”:

That b*tch in the ditch for a reason though
She was singin’ on his d*ck with them easy notes
You his ex for a reason so
Ain’t no muhf*ckin’ reason to be reasonable
You the type I’ll slap out
And you mad ’cause a b*tch got a bag and my back out
Keep playin’, I’ma snap out
Call his muhf*ckin’ phone ever again, I’ma black out
Hood b*tch, bring the trap out (What’s up?)
Quick to pull up if a b*tch wanna act out
He got a b*tch with a check now (Check now)
Doin’ tricks on the d*ck, you ain’t sh*t for him to check ’bout
I got that n*gga in a figure four
You the help and the service he don’t need no more
Uh, did you get that, b*tch? Sit back
‘Cause a real b*tch’ll pull up with the click-clack

Well, there’s that.

Many are most certainly speculating that Walker’s upcoming album will address her split with her ex-boyfriend and former producer, London On Da Track, although “Ex For A Reason” doesn’t give any indication of that’s the case thus far.

Still Over It was recorded and arranged in the order it was recorded complete with dates, so fans are expecting a blow-by-blow account from Walker’s perspective of how her past relationship soured.

Fans on Twitter are chiming in with their thoughts. We’ll list them out below.

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