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Denzel Skinner Taco Bell

Source: Denzel Skinner / facebook

Denzel Skinner was attempting to clock in for work at a Taco Bell location in Youngstown, Ohio but was fired for expressing his support for the Black Lives Matter movement via a mask. With a now-viral video of the encounter in question, many on Twitter are tossing their crunchwraps and meximelts into the garbage can.

Skinner posted a video to Facebook on June 8 that highlighted the exchange that ended with him being sent home over the mask. Skinner, in additional posts, said he worked at the Taco Bell location for eight years, devoting himself to the job

In a separate post, Skinner shared that he worked at the Taco Bell location for eight years, devoting himself to the job despite at one point have to rely on public transportation and the like.

“I put in 8 years at that place countless nights dealing with all type of ppl walked home caught the bus almost whatever i they asked me to do and for me not to be able to wear my #BLACKLIVESMATTER Mask is crazy to me i had so much respect for my boss and for her to say I’m done because of my mask and what i stand for and believe in is ridiculous that to me all because of “ politics “ I am gone always stand for what right and what i believe in,” Skinner said, also on June 8.

Skinner continued to show receipts on his Facebook page, stating that in no way did Taco Bell’s policy explicitly state he couldn’t wear a mask adorned with the Black Lives Matter slogan. A peaceful protest was organized by Skinner and several others, and the group gathered outside the Taco Bell location at 3551 Belmont.

On Twitter, a video of the exchange of when Skinner was effectively let go has been making the rounds thus sparking the current trend. We’ve collected some responses from Twitter below.

Photo: Denzel Skinner/Facebook