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Timbaland Says The Weeknd's 'Dawn FM' Is 'On Some Thriller Sh**'

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Music production master Timbaland is really feeling The Weeknd’s new album Dawn FM a little bit too much after dropping this scorching hot take.

Timbaland was out here in these innanet streets proclaiming The Weeknd’s new album is comparable to arguably the best pop album of all time and indeed the best-selling album of any genre—Michael Jackson’s Thriller. (OK, technically, the Eagles’ greatest hits album surpassed Thriller in sales in 2018, but since that album was released in1976, which is six years before MJ’s 1982 classic dropped, I’m still giving the King of Pop his crown.)

“This album different, yo. This shi** right here, this on some Thriller sh**,” the Verzus co-creator said in a video originally posted to his Instagram story, according to Rap-Up. “Trust me when I tell you. And the way he dropped this shit—yo, congrats. This sh** is amazing! Now, to be completely fair, the words “this on some Thriller sh**” aren’t necessarily synonymous with the words “this album is as good as Thriller,” but the general consensus from the fine folks on Twitter seems to be that The Weeknd doesn’t belong in the same paragraph as Michael Jackson and in comparing Dawn FM to Thriller, Timbaland has lost his mamma-say-mamma-sa-mama-coo-mind.

Now, to be clear, a lot of commenters did agree that The Weeknd gave us some quality, flower-deserving work—they just weren’t here for the BAD take…for the Off The Wall exaggerations…for the Dangerous musical opinion from a man who just Wanna Be Startin’ Something. (OK, I’ll stop…so y’all can Remember The Time Timbaland was tripping.)


People seemed to think Timbaland was just overhyping the project for the most part.

And the diehard Michael Jackson fans (*waves arms furiously*) simply weren’t having it.

Now, obviously, Timbaland can always respond to naysayers on Twitter who adamantly disagree with him by playing the “Which one of you music geniuses of four Grammy’s?” card, but that won’t change those music fans’ sentiment that he needs to Beat It with the blasphemy. (OK, that was the last one.)

You can peep more reactions to Timbo talking recklessly in the gallery below.

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty

1. Abel was paying his respect to the King of Pop with his latest album.

2. Facts

3. Michael Jackson fans are not playing.

4. HA!

5. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.