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Will Smith is still having to discuss his all-too-human moment at this year’s Oscars ceremony, and he fully realizes the impact it will have on his career going forward. In a new interview, the star actor hopes that his actions won’t deter viewers from seeing his new film Emancipation, and some on Twitter are defending the former Fresh Prince after he’s shown heavy remorse for his actions.

Will Smith, 54, recently sat down with Fox 5 DC film journalist Kevin McCarthy via the Good Day DC morning program when he shared that he would understand if viewers would be hesitant to watch Emancipation given the actions that occurred earlier in the year.

“I completely understand if someone is not ready, I would absolutely respect that and allow them their space to not be ready,” Smith began. “My deepest concern is [for] my team. [Director] Antonie [Fuqua] has done what I think is the greatest work of his entire career.”

Smith ended the statement with, “My deepest hope is that my actions don’t penalize my team.”

As noted above, Smith has apologized to Chris Rock publically and behind the scenes. And while it does appear that the image of the still-popular actor took a hit, it was not to the degree some would imagine given the support he’s currently enjoying online.

Many on Twitter are saying that Smith has held himself accountable by apologizing at length and owning up to his massive mistake. Those same Twitter users are pointing out the outrage hypocrisy considering other entertainers are on the hook for actions that went far beyond what Smith did but haven’t faced the same level of scrutiny.

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