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Tyler Perry is awarded the 2675th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Tyler Perry and his rise to prominence is, without a doubt, a true story of grit, determination and deserved success.  But after sharing via social media that he handles all of is own scriptwriting, fans are haven’t been too kind in some of their responses.

Perry, 50, took to social media and showed via video a stack off scripts he’s been working on throughout the past year.

“So I don’t know if you know this but all shows on television have a writer’s room and most of the time they’re 10 people, 12, whatever, that write on these television shows, right?. Well, I have no writer’s room. Nobody writes any of my work. I write it all. Why am I telling you this? I wrote all these scripts, by myself, in 2019? What’s my point? Work ethic,” Perry said in the half-minute clip with the camera squarely focused on his output.

Almost immediately, fans on Twitter both praised and put down the post, with some pointing to the fact that he can and should hire Black writers to go along with his empowerment theme that has defined his own career arc. Again, out of fairness, both sides of the debate made their points heard and it looks like Twiter is split down the middle on this one.

In 2019, Perry entered a joint venture deal with BET+ and has already put out two shows on the network, Sistas and The Oval Office, both of which were featured in his video. In 2020, Perry will bring the shows Ruthless and Bruh to the network, along with the film A Fall From Grace, and also an acting role in Those Who Wish Me Dead, a film he did not write or direct.

In case if anyone is wondering if Perry is bothered by the slander, the tweet below should answer that question.

Check out the reactions to Tyler Perry’s announcement below.

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