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Twitter Has Jokes About Chilli's Madea Swag On VH1's 'Girl's Cruise'

Source: Rick Kern / Getty

Last week Lil’ Kim, Mya, Chilli, B.Simone, Pretty Vee, and two of Kim’s best friends set sail on their vacation through the Caribbean. Today the ladies and the crew of the extravagant yacht end up in Barbados for some fun on this week’s episode of Girl’s Cruise.

The episode opens up with B.Simone and Pretty Vee grabbing breakfast. When they sit down to eat, they notice Chef and Dreads strategically in their line of sight working out. Wanting to focus on the most important meal of the day, they get the two fit crew members to leave. The two Wild ‘N Out cast members bond over a conversation about confidence and being who they are unapologetically.

They later meet up, and B.Simone reveals she is going to shoot her shot at Dreads, unbeknownst to her, she will get her chance cause Kim is going to invite the boys out. Vee is a hater though and claims she knows that B.Simone’s crush is broke because of his footwear.

That’s not enough to scare the internet celebrity from getting her fancy tickled.

The next stop on the Girl’s Cruise is Barbados the home of Kim’s “homie” Rihanna. Before they disembark, Rome breaks down the itinerary that we know right off the bat Chilli will not participate in. He also reveals to Mya that he’s gonna need her to perform when they get to one of their destinations, she is taken by surprise but is ready to put on a show.

When they arrive at the club, the boys immediately hop on the mechanical bull and put their riding skills on display. Rome and Chef fail miserably at riding the bull except for the one gay crew member who boasts that he’s pretty good at riding bulls.

Moving on, Rome hits the stage to get the party started, and he calls out Chilli to come dance with her. Shockingly the now super conservative popstar lets loose for once and shows she still has a few dance moves left while rocking her Madea drip. Now it’s time for Mya’s performance, and even though the singer is a seasoned vet, Mya was very anxious leading up to it. Her concerns at first were justified, as she begins singing the power cuts off her during her set forcing her to walk off stage. She comes back to finish the small show, and she does not disappoint with a thrilling performance of her classic single “Fallen.”

As promised though we get our first taste of drama among the girls. While shouting everyone to come to the stage, Mya seemingly forgets Lil’Kim’s best friend Tiffany’s name. She smoothly plays it off by handing the microphone off to Kim, giving her the honor to call up her bestie. It’s too late though because everyone noticed.

During another excursion to Rihanna’s home where she grew up, Kim pressed Mya about the flub at the concert. While Kim thinks the singer could have handled things better, Mya clearly isn’t bothered about the situation. It looks like the situation will carry over into next weeks episode of Girl’s Cruise.

But until then hit the gallery to see the reactions to Chilli’s grandma attire, Mya forgetting Tiffany’s name and the other shenanigans that took place.

Photo: Rick Kern / Getty