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West & Trump In The White House

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Saturday was quite a relief to millions when the race was finally called for President-Elect Joe Biden. After the excitement it made us wonder, so what do all those Donald Trump-supporting rappers have to say now?

What can they say, really? They hitched their struggle wagons to a white supremacist, and were thoroughly slandered whenever they made their support known.

Some have remained silent, some have acted like nothing happened and others have just kept quiet. But none have had the heart to say, “Ya know what, my bad, I’ll do better.”

But what did you expect considering Cheeto has yet to concede, and if you have been paying any attention, there’s 99% chance he never will. Oh well, the votes—electoral and popular—say Joe Biden will officially become President of the United States, and Senator Kamala Harris will become Vice President, on January 20, 2021.

Until then, peep what fame Trump capers like Kanye West have to say below.


1. Kanye West

Yeezy at least had the good sense to concede. However, buddy is already talking about a 2024 run. Get real. 

2. 50 Cent

After trolling us about voting for Trump for the sake of his taxes, Fif is now clowning Cheeto. But we won’t forget. 

3. Ice Cube

Crickets from O’Shea who may not like Trump, but fell hook, line and sinker for that Platinum Plan jig. But he did like Dave Chappelle’s hosting of Saturday Night Live

4. Lil Wayne

Nothing from Tunechi but what seams like a subliminal since reportedly his girlfriend left him for his Trump support. Or, he dropped her because she was with Biden. Either way, L. 

5. Lil Pump

The Gucci Gang rapper that Trump called “Lil Pimp” has been tweet your generic Trump cult conspiracy theories. 

6. Tekashi 6ix9ine

Like his music. no one really, really cares what rap’s most infamous has to say. Which has been nothing. 

7. Waka Flocka Flame

Waka caught heat for implying Trump was a better President than Barack Obama. Way to fall on the wrong side of history buddy. Apparently he wasn’t into the whole election thing. Shocking. 

8. Blocboy JB

JB made sure it was known he was off that Trump wave before the election. 

9. Azealia Banks

Banks was riding for Trump years ago. Change of heart. We don’t know. But she is on Parler.

10. Kodak Black

That Platinum Plan doesn’t look like it will be getting Kodak Black out of jail soon. Just saying.