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On Saturday (Feb. 12), Kanye West found it necessary to tell the world that longtime collaborator Kid Cudi would not be appearing on DONDA 2. Apparently, the reason for Cudder’s exile is his friendship with SNL‘s Pete Davidson, aka Ye’s ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

Yeezy took to IG to make the announcement because that was the most immature thing to do. “Just so everyone knows Cudi will not be on DONDA because he’s friends with you know who,” posted West, with most everyone figuring it was the Davidson connection that drew his ire.

However, Ye deleted his message pretty much as soon Cudi responded in kind, by calling him a dinosaur, saying he’s been the best thing on his albums and relaying that he’ll be praying for him. Can you really be mad at Cudi taking the petty road since he has always praised West only to get sh*t on? We would love to be a fly on the wall the next time Cudi and Big Sean link up.

Cudi seems to be over it—adding that they had discussed the situation a couple of weeks ago, privately.

And it’s not like Cudi suddenly has become friends with Davidson. Back in 2019, news was made when Ye, Cudi, actor Timothee Chamaleet and Cudi were spotted having dinner together to celebrate Cudder’s born day. And the gossip pages got more fodder a little over a month later by noting that it was Davidson who picked up the tab. Also worth noting is that Cudi was not on board with Ye’s Trump support.

But seriously, someone take Ye’s phone—he’s no resorted to posting memes on IG.

This news comes after Ye came for Billie Eilish for allegedly dissing his buddy La Flame, which she quickly denied, by the way.

The entire thing regarding Cudi is rather ridiculous, and the Twitter delegation is going in on the shenanigans.

Peep more reactions to Ye being a bitter and obsessed headass—it’s the overwhelming consensus—in the gallery.

1. Cudi is p.o.’d bruh.









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