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Wiz Khalifa is known as one of Hip-Hop’s top cannabis enthusiasts and has his own Khalifa Kush brand that supports that well-earned image. On social media, Wiz Khalifa announced a new joint venture, no pun intended, with retired adult film star, Mia Khalifa.

Wiz Khalifa posted an image on social media standing alongside Mia Khalifa with the caption of the tweet reading, “Y’all are gonna LOVE this Khalifa Kush colab i got comin wit @miakhalifa.”

The pair are standing next to one another with Ms. Khalifa decked out in an all-green suit with Wiz looking comfortable in a white t-shirt and green shorts. It can probably be safely assumed that the two Khalifas are joining forces for a new addition to the Khalifa Kush brand offerings.

Even though Ms. Khalifa retired from the adult film industry years ago, folks still associate her with that time of her life. At one point, Ms. Khalifa was one of the top-searched adult film performers online and she’s famously gone on record to say that Wiz inspired her stage name.

Because social media, and Twitter in particular, hardly have any chill, some of the responses to the announcement go to those times of Ms. Khalifa’s life she probably would rather not think about.

We’ve got reactions to Wiz Khalifa and Mia Khalifa’s new collaboration listed below.

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