50 cent baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins

50 Cent might want to double up on his legal retainer. His first child’s mother is claiming he will not be able to thwart her television aspirations.

50 Cent associate Dwayne McKenzie has been ordered to pay $30,000 to the woman who alleged that he beat her up at a mansion party thrown in a home owned by King Curtis. A Waterbury Superior Court ruled in favor of Shana Chin after the judge presiding over the case ruled that there was enough […]

Two years after 50 Cent’s baby mama’s (Shaniqua Tompkins) mansion went up in smoke; police have finally discovered a possible accomplice. According to published reports, G-Unit associate and 50 Cent’s assistant, Dwayne McKenzie is being accused by his ex-girlfriend, Shana Chin, of playing a role in the torching of the mansion. The 5,200-square-foot home that […]