There is no messiness like celebrity messiness. This case can involve some perilous consequences as an Instagram model tied to some notable names recently revealed she has been diagnosed with AIDS, and she isn’t aware exactly how long she’s had the debilitating and incurable disease.

Too $hort has enjoyed one of Hip-Hop’s longest career streaks and is set to drop a new project early next month. While in New York at a strip club no less, Short Dog seems to suggest that N.W.A. founding member Eazy-E didn’t die of complications from AIDS as has been widely reported over the years.

Charlie Sheen just reminded the world that the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV is still very real and incredulous to race, gender or even sexual orientation.

Since the release of Straight Outta Compton, there have been several (new) conspiracy theories brought forth by those closet to Eazy-E on how the iconic gangsta rapper contracted the HIV virus.

As if his reputation wasn’t already bad enough, an old interview has resurfaced of Suge Knight joking about the death of Eric “Eazy-E” Wright.

Juan Demetrius McFarland, the now former pastor of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery, Ala., had a big admission to get off his chest on September 14, and by October 5, he was removed from his position. McFarland, a church leader for 23 years, admitted to his congregation that he had full blown AIDS and […]

Mister Cee is trying to turn a negative (repeatedly getting busted for soliciting prostitutes, allegedly) into a positive, by recording a PSA for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. In the video the Hot 97 DJ faces his latest scandal head on, admitting to being addicted to intercourse…but not with dudes.

News that a Mississippi baby born with HIV was cured of the virus made for a huge scientific breakthrough, and now comes a report that the child was never infected. Newly released information about the child’s status was unveiled at an annual HIV conference in Atlanta, last week.

A baby in Mississippi born with HIV has been cleared of the virus, doctors announced Sunday (March 4). The baby had the disease for over two years and has been classified as “functionally cured.”

Over the last week, Frank Ocean has received an outpouring of love from the music industry, fans, friends and family, but all the responses haven’t been so great.  For whatever reason, Lil  Scrappy decided to weigh in, by telling  TMZ that while he is happy that Ocean revealed his love for another man, he blames “closeted” gay men for […]

It’s been just over 30 years since the first AIDS case was reported in the U.S., and despite the advances in medicine, there is no cure (that we know of). Even more disturbing is the fact that the epidemic continues to attack the Black community. Although Black people only make up less than a quarter of the […]

B.O.B – “Dr. Aden” [Video] B.O.B released a new video for his song, “Dr. Aden” today from his No Genre CD. “Dr. Aden” is a vivid, detailed record mirroring the story about the Bayer Company back in the 80’s that sold a medicine for people with hemophilia. Bayer discovered that the medicine had AIDS in […]