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As if his reputation wasn’t already bad enough, an old interview has resurfaced of Suge Knight joking about the death of EricEazy-EWright.

The video is from a 2003 Jimmy Kimmel Live interview, but just recently founds it’s way back online via Facebook.

During the interview, Knight brings attention to Jimmy Kimmel’s bullet proof dress, and his joke attempt goes down hill from there.

“They got this stuff, they get blood from somebody with AIDS and they shoot you,” he tells Kimmel. “That’s a slow death, that Eazy-E thang. You know what I mean?”

Kimmel laughs awkwardly and jokes that Knight’s “terror alert” level just went up a couple notches.

Eazy-E died at 31, from complications brought on by AIDS in 1995. Knight on the other hand, is currently in jail on murder and attempted murder charges.

Check the video below.

Photo: WENN