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Since the release of Straight Outta Compton, there have been several (new) conspiracy theories brought forth by those closet to Eazy-E on how the iconic gangsta rapper contracted the HIV virus.

In a clip taken from the upcoming documentary For The Record: The Story of Latinos in Hip Hop, former Ruthless Records artist Frost (formerly known as Kid Frost) shared his viewpoint leading up to Eazy’s sudden passing in 1995.

“I think [the hospital] really had a stronghold of giving [Eazy] tainted needles with the AIDS virus in ’em through acupuncture,” the West Coast OG said. “How else could somebody else die that fast of AIDS. Have you ever heard of someone dying of AIDS in two weeks, bro? It’s like, ‘I’m in the hospital, I contracted the AIDS virus, on March 26th or whatever, I fall out and I die.”

Circa 1995, the HIV virus (and its subsequent disease AIDS after the body’s T cell count drops below 100) was still stigmatized to solely being in the gay community. It has been documented that HIV, as well as other lethal infections such as hepatitis B and C can be spread through acupuncture but given the late N.W.A’s reputation as being a ladies man, his contraction of the HIV virus has been professionally attributed to unprotected sex.

Watch Frost’s interview clip from the documentary below, which will also feature commentary from B-Real, Sick Jacken and Frost’s producer extraordinaire son, Scoop DeVille. Contributions for the film’s production can be made here.


Photo: For The Record