Yesterday we reported that Trina is being sued by Omnipresent Media for $50 million over her failure to partake in an “America’s Next Top Rapper” competition, and today she’s responding. The “Diamond Princess” has no idea why he’s being sued, and finds the whole thing utterly hilarious.


Yesterday, Trina celebrated her birthday and the release of her Back 2 Business mixtape, and today she’s facing a $50 million lawsuit. According to a filing by Ominpresent Media and Lawrence “Amar” Right, the rapper backed out of an  “America’s Next Top Rapper” online competition. 

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This song is not that great, but the video is fantastic. Trina returns with “I’m Back (Back 2 Business)” off of her new album coming towards the end of 2012. The video premise, directed by Morocco Vaughn, is as simple as it gets. Trina and her band of physically blessed friends wash a car. That’s […]


A while back, Trina dropped a comeback record called “I’m Back (Back 2 Business).” To be honest, the song really didn’t stick. So when it was time to drop a video, the Diamond Princess got back to business and did what brought her to the dance. From the looks of this video, it appears that […]

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Trina’s back? Well we love that. It’s cool that she came back to making music also. Get a listen to this track after the jump.