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Yesterday, Trina celebrated her birthday and the release of her Back 2 Business mixtape, and today she’s facing a $50 million lawsuit.

According to a filing by Ominpresent Media and Lawrence “Amar” Right, the rapper backed out of an  “America’s Next Top Rapper” online competition. 

Trina was to appear on a three-judge panel for the event to be held on Dec. 30, 2011 in Dorchester, Mass.  She never showed up despite pocketing a check.

Furthermore, Omnipresent alleges that Trina and her management team failed to promote the contest, of which an aspiring rapper was to win a $20,000 grand prize, a distribution deal with Universal, and work with a “hit production team,” among other amenities. “Plaintiff began to promote the event without the aid of the promotional material, plaintiffs were able to secure tens of thousands of dollars in contestant registration funds,” the complaint states.

The company covered flight and hotel accommodations in accordance with the demands of Trina’s manager, but the rapper never provided promotional videos to help publicize the event. “Trina despite being paid to do so never attended or participated in the competition in any form or fashion as agreed.”

Ominepresent alleges that Trina’s absence caused attendees to “become unruly and heckle competition participants,” and demanded refunds.

While the amount of money she was allegedly paid was not revealed in the filing, Omnipresent asserts that the 34-year-old was given 50 percent of the agreed upon fee.  Trina, her Rarebreeed Entertainment company, its principal Josh Burke, the  state of Florida,  J Ego Entertainment, and Nunoise Travel, have all been named in the suit.

Photo: Rap Dose