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Yesterday we reported that Trina is being sued by Omnipresent Media for $50 million over her failure to partake in an “America’s Next Top Rapper” competition, and today she’s responding.

The “Diamond Princess” has no idea why he’s being sued, and finds the whole thing utterly hilarious.

Speaking to Atlanta’s Streetz Morning Grind Show on Streetz 94.5, Trina claimed to have no understanding of the motive behind the suit. “I have no idea what they’re talking about,” she said. “I don’t know what’s going on with that. I do know that the ‘Next Top Rapper’ show— whatever it is—I didn’t really know I was supposed to do it at first.”

Trina was told about the event and was in Massachusetts at the time of the competition but said she’s not to blame for why things fell through. “I don’t really know what happened from the production or from whatever but I know I was in the city they were filming in and we never filmed anything. I have no idea why that information has surfaced. I laughed ‘cuz I thought it was really hilarious. Really? 50 million? For what?”

We were thinking the same thing.

Photo: Tumblr