because the internet

Since his December 2013 release of Because the Internet, Childish Gambino has been mighty progressive with his music (and acting career), but you can’t put a timestamp on great music.

In a recent interview, 50 Cent discussed the topic of Internet trolling and how he became an expert at it.

A rapper who’s displeased with label subsequently vents about his disdain via Twitter. We’ve seen this story before, but that didn’t stop Childish Gambino from going through the same motions with Glassnote.

Insanity is to the same thing repeatedly and expect different results each time. Take heed of these words after peeping Childish Gambino’s visual for “Sweatpants,” featuring Problem.

Today, Childish Gambino returned to deliver a track and a message. Titled “What Kind Of Love,” the song sounds like a throwaway from his Because The Internet sessions.

The overall perception about Childish Gambino has changed between Camp and his latest LP, Because The Internet, which was rated better overall by numerous publications. From the latter, he releases an official visual for the Chance The Rapper-assisted track “The Worst Guys.”

Most artists aren’t too thrilled when their albums leaks, but Childish Gambino sits on the opposite end of that spectrum. Because The Internet hit the information highway over the weekend, but the man formally known as Donald Glover has provided a stream fans can listen to guilt free via iTunes.

The time has almost come for Childish Gambino to drop Because The Internet. However, the actor-turned-rapper’s latest body of work sprung a leak, and in turn, fans receive an early listen of “The Worst Guys,” featuring Chance The Rapper.

With another day comes a new Childish Gambino track from his upcoming Because The Internet album. Titled “Sweatpants,” this cut is more energetic than emotional.

Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to tip your hat to Childish Gambino for how he’s rolling out his Because The Internet album. He adds a new creative visual to the fold for “3005” from the aforementioned project.

With Because The Internet weeks away from releasing, Childish Gambino premiered yet another song from the LP last night on The Arsenio Hall Show. Titled “Shadow,” the cut is smooth in a manner similar to the actor-turned-rapper’s recent releases.

Childish Gambino, who’s currently rolling out his Because The Internet album, makes a guest appearance on Kenna‘s “Relations (Remix)” and in it’s accompanying visual