“I try to give y’all the nice guy.  I try to give y’all the pretty guy  I try to go “Hello (Aloha)” You don’t want Fat Joe to do that so Imma have to do something that I’m an expert at and it’s called kill people.” The music career of Fat Joe has been on […]

“I wish her situation on nobody in the universe or on my worst enemy because I believe that jail is hell on Earth.” Things have changed in the Terror Squad camp quite dramatically since 2004 when they had everybody doing the lean back.  The apparent change is that the majority of the soldiers have gone […]

Fat Joe is the latest artist giving back to his fans during these economic times. Sneaker company Protégé has added the Terror Squad boss to its list of signature endorsers with his own shoe called “the Black Out.” Originally called, “The Recession,” the shoe is available at K-Mart and Sears for $34.99 and believe it […]

Christopher Rios, known to fans as Big Punisher, may be gone, but his legacy will continue to live on as steps are being made to produce a documentary as well as a soundtrack featuring the Puerto-Rican rapper. September 15th will see the premier of the second tribute documenting the life of Rios and those close […]