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Eddie Murphy made a successful return to Saturday Night Live this weekend, and his opening monologue featured a jab at jailed and disgraced comedian Bill Cosby. A spokesman for the felon went as far as calling Murphy a “Hollywood Slave.”

Bill Cosby is serving time behind bars in relation to the sexual misconduct scandal that wrecked his legacy and career in one epic swoop. However, if anyone thinks that the comedian and entertainer will be apologizing, they’d be sadly mistaken.

Whoever is advising Bill Cosby while he’s behind bars isn’t doing that great of a job apparently. For some reason, the troubled entertainer posted a Father’s Day message on Sunday (June 16) via Twitter that folks are mercilessly slandering as expected.

Bill Cosby is currently on the shelf in prison after being dogged by several claims of sexual assault from several women. The entertainer is now suing his former legal team for allegedly fleecing him out of millions during their defense of the man.

An update on Cosby's reported prison life.

Bill Cosby fought tooth and nail to avoid jail time, but it appears that the troubled entertainer is making the most of it. A rep for Cosby claims that he’s having an “amazing” time behind bars but has frozen out his family as a result of being in prison.

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Bill Cosby is currently behind bars to serve 10 years in for aggravated indecent assault, but his legal team is reportedly scrambling to change his fortune. According to reports, Cosby’s team wants the entertainer freed from prison, have the judge who oversaw the case removed, and a new trial for the 2004 case.

Bill Cosby is steady racking up the L’s. The currently imprisoned sexual offender is also getting sued by his former attorneys over legal fees. 

Bill Cosby was sentenced to three to 10 years behind bars on Tuesday (Sept. 25) after his aggravated indecent assault case in Pennsylvania didn’t go his way. Along with a struggle mugshot showing the entertainer looking lost in the sauce, allegedly a Petty Paul made sure his first meal behind bars was pudding.

The fall of Bill Cosby continues. Today (Sept. 25) the judge deemed the convicted felon and disgraced comedian a “sexually violent predator” before sentencing him to 3 – 10 years in prison.  

Bill Cosby will learn his fate at some point today as his sentencing for aggravated indecent assault from a 2004 case goes to trial in Pennsylvania. Now 81, Cosby’s team will mount a serious defense for their client as prosecutors push to put the man behind bars.