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It’s Black Friday, which means that once again Walmart is the epicenter of f-ckery and struggle. Thanks to steep prices cuts on items like flat screen TVs, people have been losing all sense of moral decency, leading to violence while trying to get their hands on deeply discounted products.


A Georgia man, suspected of stealing from a local Wal-Mart died, Sunday (Nov. 25) after being confronted over the alleged crime. Authorities in Dekalb County arrived to the store at around 1:30 a.m. to find employees on top of the man, who was busted reportedly taking two DVD players.


While workers at Wal-Mart were busy protesting, Black Friday shoppers all around the country went forward with their post-Thanksgiving holiday plans, some of which resulted in arrests. Two teens were arrested in Portland, Maine for fighting inside a Foot Locker store at the Maine Mall, while a Florida woman was taken into custody for throwing […]


As shoppers prepare to finish off the Thanksgiving holiday with a little Black Friday shopping, employees at Wal-Mart have launched a protest. Workers across the country have been on strike for several months, but are gaining traction just ahead of the biggest shopping day of the year. Disgruntled employees are upset over their pay, lack […]

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Surprise, Surprise. After previously announcing that Joe Budden’s mixtape will drop on Black Friday, he let it loose last night. 

New Snoop Dogg GGN – “Nemo Hoes Explains Thanksgiving” [Video] Just in time for Thanksgiving, Snoop Dogg (aka Nemo Hoes) releases a brand new Double G News Network episode explaining the REAL story behind Thanksgiving. In this 16th episode of season two, Nemo Hoes breaks down the real story of Thanksgiving…which of course involves chronic, food, Indians […]