There’s even more to the story building on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, although this particular chapter happens to be incredibly tragic. The sister of the tattoo shop owner, Ryan Henry, happens to be the murdered ex-girlfriend of former Chicago Bulls player, Eddy Curry. 

Sky of Black Ink Crew fame and Rashidah Ali of Love & Hip Hop: New York fame are beefing. We’re not really sure over what exactly, but the extreme pettiness is kind of entertaining.

Hell hath no fury like the Queen of the Mixxie’s scorned. Sky of Black Ink Crew fame has taken to Instagram to blast her now ex-boyfriend and castmate Tedfor cheating on her. 

  Ceaser and Dutchess of Black Ink Crew put their drama on front street every week on VH1. We got the on again, off again, on again couple to discuss their matching tattoos, Dutchess’ drama in France and what exactly got renovated in the shop. 

  On last week’s episode of Black Ink Crew, Ceaser blessed with Puma with the fade after the latter got wild disrespectful and dropped a chicken wing on the floor of his tattoo shop. Was Ceaser justified in putting his hands on the man? 

  It’s Black History Month, so we had to ask, does VH1’s Black Ink Crew put Black people in a favorable light or nah? Cast member Puma and his wife Quani obliged us by answering—and also discussing their marriage—honestly. 

  VH1’s reality show Black Ink Crew makes for an entertaining show thanks to its motley crew of characters. We asked Puma to explain what’s good with his often missing tooth, Sky to reveal how she managed to duck cops for seven years while Quani and Sassy offered their two cents on gentrification. 

VH1’s Black Ink Crew is back for a third season of ink and debauchery, and O’Sh*t amazing us with his supreme levels of stupidity. The premiere episode revealed that the struggle in Harlem for this clique of tattoo artists and baggage handlers is very real.

The season 2 finale of Black Ink Crew went down last night and while some season long issues were resolved, unnecessary but entertaining drama prevailed.

The latest episode of Black Ink Crew further confirmed that the tattoo artist known as O’Sh*t may be the dumbest man in all of Harlem.

This week’s episode of Black Ink Crew wasn’t just about Ceaser and Dutchess breaking up, again. We also were privy to O’Sh*t continuing to lead a life of foolishness and Sky proving that she may be the sanest person in the bunch, among other events.

While last week’s episode of Black Ink Crew featured a gang of crazy eyes, this week’s edition was all about the struggle that is O’Sh*t, a G-Unit non-reunion and Dutchess copping mad pleas.