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Sky is back in NYC from Texas; she was hoping to make a quick stop up there and return to her station in Atlanta but Ceasar has other plans. Once Kitty reveals that $10,000 is missing from the shop on 113th, Ceasar gives Sky the task of nosing around in order to figure out who the culprit is.

But before that, Melody and Lalo try and maintain their day-to-day schedule while living in this outdated RV he copped for them. The idea is that they sublet their apartment and live in the vehicle, in order to pay of Mel’s $30,000 tax debt. She wakes up complaining about not being able to make fresh juice. Lalo is fed up and we’re kinda surprised at Mel and her spoiled brat act. She’s a boho, granola type of chick, you would think she’d have more of an open mind. As Lalo says: “We had a home, but you got in debt. You got us in trouble, I’m trying to do the best.” So chill out.

Okay, so Sky said the same thing we were thinking: “Ceasar. Why is your ”brand ambassador’ in charge of 113th’s books?” How hard would it have been to just hire an actual accountant. Ceas gives Sky permission to figure it out, but all she wants to do is “go lay up in a massive bed, breathe that beautiful Atlanta air and relax.” We ain’t mad.

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