Briana Bette continues to shine in her many creative endeavors and still repping for Texas strong. The curvy Texas beauty has been on our site two times in the past for very good reasons, and we’d figure as the saying goes, “third time’s a charm.”

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If you’ve seen Kendrick Lamar‘s super funky “King Kunta” video, then you might have witnessed the two thick specimens K-Dot was riding around with in the back seat. The dark brown sister of the stacked duo is Houston‘s own Briana Bette, and if you’re a Bangin Candy fan then you know we’ve had her featured […]

Baes & Baddies, GALLERY, News, PHOTO OPS, The List

So nice we had to feature her twice it the mantra for our latest Bangin Candy. Allow us to reintroduce you the absolutely stunning Briana Bette.

Baes & Baddies, GALLERY, News, PHOTO OPS, The List

You never know what you’ll find while perusing the Internets. In this case, we found a who, and her name is Briana Bette. This brown-skinned beauty immediately caught our eye, and after a little research, we discovered that she was more than just another beautiful face. That alone made her as worthy a Bangin Candy candidate as […]