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You never know what you’ll find while perusing the Internets. In this case, we found a who, and her name is Briana Bette. This brown-skinned beauty immediately caught our eye, and after a little research, we discovered that she was more than just another beautiful face. That alone made her as worthy a Bangin Candy candidate as any.

Bette is a Texas native and graduate of the University of Houston, where she earned a B.A. in Psychology. Match her brains with a jaw dropping physique and 5’8″ height, and you can see why she’s a winner. With those dazzling attributes, one would think that Bette was always very confident, but she openly admits this wasn’t always the case.

“I was called stallion, horse legs, thunder thighs and big booty bri as a child,” said Bette. “In the past I looked at my thick thighs and big butt as a negative BUT NOW…Ive totally embraced my thunder thighs.”

We here at Hip-Hop Wired are truly thankful for that. Bette has since turned her insecurities into a booming business called “Fit Butt Curvy,” where she provides tips to shapely women looking to stay in shape. If you’ve been keeping up, this makes Bette a civil servant too.

See more photos of her in the gallery below.

Photo: Instagram, Fit Butt Curvy

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