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Ludacris’ monster success within Hollywood has opened the doors for bigtime opportunities inside the film industry. For his next trick, he’s assuming the title of executive producer alongside Ryan Seacrest and TV veteran Nina Wass for a developing CBS Atlanta gang drama.

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Long-running CBS news series 60 Minutes is under fire from a group of journalists and scholars responding to recent reports from the show primarily focused on the Ebola outbreak in Africa. According to the group, the program’s approach to Black Africans and the fight over the deadly disease comes across as outdated and “anachronistic.”

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The recent appearance of NBA and NFL players wearing “#ICantBreathe” shirts in honor of Eric Garner, while calling attention to police accountability, has been generally welcomed. However, a CBS analyst took aim at Kobe Bryant for joining in via Twitter which prompted ESPN’s Keith Olbermann to defend the peaceful protests.

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CBS and the NFL’s Thursday Night Football buckled under pressure last week thanks to the sensational nationawide coverage of the Ray Rice video.


Viewers are going to have to say goodbye to The Arsenio Hall Show, once more. CBS has cancelled season two of the late-night reboot, it was announced Friday (May 30)

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Although tonight has been a historic and genre-shifting night for Hip-Hop, there could only be one winner in the pantheon of independent-turned-top-40 rap stars.

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Comedienne, actress and The Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood set off a firestorm of angry criticism aimed her way after making known her disdain for natural Black hair. During an episode of her talk program, she called Black hair “nasty” – and critics on Twitter took Underwood to task.


Can late night television welcome back one of the past stars? This fall, Arsenio Hall will soon find out if his upcoming revival of The Arsenio Hall Show will receive a warm welcome after last being on the air as a host in 1994.


The progeny of Eddie Murphy‘s Axel Foley character of Beverly Hills Cop fame will not be making it to the small screen after all. CBS has passed on picking up the proposed Beverly Hill Cop television show starring comedian/actor Brandon T. Jackson (Tropic Thunder). 

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The Associated Press has become one of many Twitter accounts that have been hijacked recently. The account was hacked Tuesday (April 23) with a claim of a White House attack and an injured President Obama.

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The Money Team reign just wont let up as Floyd “Money” Mayweather is taking his talents to Showtime/CBS after a lengthy run with HBO PPV. 

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2 Chainz made his acting debut last night on the hit CBS sitcom, 2 Broke Girls.