Gucci Mane already has 99 problems going into 2014 and it seems as if he’s landed the big 100 after being named in the wrongful death lawsuit for his fallen rap pal, Slim Dunkin.


It appears the NYPD’s shooting struggles have raised eyebrows on the judgement call to use deadly force yet again.


Corey Dunton needs a better lawyer but he should probably focus on trying to get a GED first. The 16-year-old youngster from NYC was arrested on attempted murder charges this past November. He was accused of shooting up a skating rink in Bryant Park over a botched robbery where he sought to take a pricey […]


Like Regis Philbin, the District Attorney’s office in Greensboro, NC must be big fans of the RiFF RAFF movement.


It’s a sad day for Wu-Tang Clan fans and even bleaker one for Jeryl Grant, b.k.a. as Killa Sin of the group Killarmy. This past Saturday of November 23, he was arrested on charges of second-degree attempted murder and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon for allegedly shooting a man six times in the chest.


Lil Scrappy just barely watched the ink dry on his new contract and he’s already trying to bring crunk back. The Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star has been accused of trashing a hotel room during a concert stint in Texas, amounting to $2,000 in destruction residue.

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Spike Lee is facing legal action for tweeting out an incorrect address of what he had believed to be the address of George Zimmerman.


Police brutality has taken a turn towards humilation in the latest alleged case against the NYPD.

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Conrad Murray, the man convicted of involuntary putting Michael Jackson in his final resting place is demanding he get his license back to practice medicine.

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While a dose of crazy Christianity was happening down in Oklahoma, the city of Terrell, TX was just faced with the unfathomable. According to police, Charles Brownlow Jr. sent the small town into a state of panic as police went on an eight-hour manhunt just to track him down.

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Chris Brown isn’t out of the clear yet but his legal team is working magic to make his troubles disappear. What was originally a felony charge has now become a misdemeanor, most likely through lawyer mumbo jumbo talk.

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The psychological scars involved in child abuse scandals probably are never truly healed, so the best option our country’s legal system has devised is to throw money at the situation. Convicted child abuser and former assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, just cost the Penn State Nittany Lions a pretty penny and reminded everyone of the heinous […]