Dr. Phil

On Monday (Mar 23), in honor of her upcoming 18th birthday, Bhad Bhabie posted an intimate interview recalling her now-infamous TV moment, revealing that she is not a fan of her initial appearance. 

The celebrity doctors in recent days have been called on to speak on the novel coronavirus spread with disastrous results due to their bad observations.


For almost two decades Dr. Phil’s been everyone’s favorite TV doctor (sorry Oz) and now that’s he signed a new deal that’ll keep him on the tube til 2022 you can bet we’ll be introduced to more “Cash Me Ousside” girls and Treasure situations.

Where does Dr.Phil find these people? That is the million dollar question Twitter is asking when an episode aired featuring a 16-year-old Black teen who doesn’t Black people and thinks she is white.

Despite being exposed as being as white as white can be, Rachel Dolezal is still running around saying she identifies as a Black woman. The Faux Negro took her press run, she recently dropped a book, to Dr. Phil.