fabolous brother slaps kat stacks

As promised, Kat Stacks wasn’t willing to just take a slap and keep it moving, upping the ante by deciding to actually confront the man that laid hands on her. Equipped with her “Goon” Yung Mazi, the two were first approached by Bart, the man who smacked her, and a few of his friends that […]

People fail to realize the severity of accusations and the consequences for some when claims are thrown around, especially rappers. Look how many have gotten locked up already.  It’s like hunting season these days. Having Fabolous already address the claims that he had something to do with Kat Stacks getting slapped around, Bow Wow is […]

“It’s sad y’all believe anything y’all hear & see on the internet.. Especially from someone as credible as Kat Stacks *Smh*” With the recent slapping of Kat Stacks drawing unnecessary attention and creating accusations, Fabolous has stepped forward to clear the air on his involvement in the incident. Although the man behind the assault, reported […]