Cancel culture has a new target in their sights. Twista was trying to be funny but it seems the jokes on him.


Dr. Boyce Watkins has once again proven that he has contempt for Black women, this time he has target set on Grammy nominated raptress Lizzo.


Lizzo has officially made it. No we are not talking about the MTV Music Awards. She is now the target of one of music’s most spiteful detractors.

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As he records his new album it is clear Kanye West has more than Donald Trump on his mind. The MAGA enthusiast has confirmed he will address some social issues with the help of Hip-Hop’s biggest female rapper, Nicki Minaj.

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It looks like Kanye West has packed on some pounds.

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Even a woman like Rihanna is getting fat-shamed out in these Internets, and streets. A female rapper by the name of Miss Eaves counters such nonsense, and the summer body struggle, with her song and video for “Thunder Thighs.” 


Recently a picture surfaced of Rihanna looking a little thicker than what the world is used to seeing. Naturally, a barrage of online fat slander ensued, but once again she silenced her critics in typical Ri Ri fashion.