Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix finally unveiled  Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 during the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary live stream to break the fantastic news.

PlayStation held its first State of Play live stream for 2021 and had plenty of games on deck.

In our conversation with 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Yoshinori Kitase, we got the opportunity to ask him about how the idea of a remake came together, why did they decide to make break the game up into multiple parts, if we have to worry about the coronavirus delaying part 2 and more.

The folks at Square Enix have been working very hard to make sure that Final Fantasy VII Remake gets in the hands of fans on time amid the coronavirus pandemic. The studio has shared its solution.

Final Fantasy VII Remake fans were sad to find out that Red XIII or "Nanaki" will not be a playable character when the first playable chapter arrives next month. Instead, he will be a guest character the remake's developers revealed.

Well, what a pleasant surprise. One of the titles on our list of video games coming in 2020 we can't wait to play, Final Fantasy VII Remake, just blessed PS4 owners with its long-awaited demo.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is still far off, but it’s quite clear as ever that it’s one of the most highly-anticipated video games coming. Case in point, Square Enix dropped a new trailer that has FFVII fans all in their feels.

With PlayStation deciding to pass on E3 2019, Square Enix was thrown into the prime time slot usually reserved for Sony which generally closes out E3 in grand style. The game studio knew they had to bring it this year and we are happy to report they had a solid showing thanks in large part […]

At the FINAL FANTASY VII: A Symphonic Reunion orchestra concert in Los Angeles (Jun.9) Square Enix announced when PS4 owners can expect the first episode of the highly-anticipated title.

When PlayStation first teased Square Enix was bringing back the iconic RPG Final Fantasy VII back with a full remake in 2015 at E3 fans (including myself) couldn’t hold back the tears of joy. It’s been crickets since then, but Sony shocked the world during its State of Play presentation by showing off new footage […]