In keeping in trend with the very ever popular camo, Nike pays homage with French, Italian, Japanese camouflage inspired version of their Air Max series of sneakers.

Diddy plans to take over cable television and the Internets alike with Revolt TV. Because of this, the mogul is liable to have cameras in tow at most times moving forward. Such was the case during a recent excursion to Cannes, France.

Earlier this year, Hennessy revealed Queensbridge legend Nas to be a spokesperson for their second annual, award winning Wild Rabbit campaign. This partnership afforded the Grammy nominee the opportunity to learn about the spirit brand’s rich history at their Cognac, France headquarters.

James Lipton used to be a pimp. Today, he’s a buttoned-up host of Bravo’s acclaimed Inside the Actors Studio series; asking  Hollywood’s biggest stars to share their favorite curse words, but before all that jumped off, he was pimpin.’

 Joe Biden knows how to run up a tab. The vice president traveled to Paris for one night, last month, and racked up a hotel bill of  more than $500,000.

It’s no secret that 50 Cent is one of the smartest individuals in music today. He took some time during a promotional run out in France for his SMS headphones to talk about some interesting topics; particularly what it takes to be relevant in today’s Hip-Hop scene.

Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown and Ludacris were all in Cannes, France shooting a video for Swizzy’s new single “Everyday Birthday, (Dance Like A White Girl).” Swizz looks like he isn’t going to spare any expense for this video, with yachts, expensive cars and more all abound.   Even the legendary Magic Johnson stopped through during […]

Rick Ross and Diddy hit the stage at Club Gotha in Cannes, France to perform Rozay’s street single “Stay Schemin’.” Guess Ross couldn’t resist visiting Europe again after recently completing his Rich Forever tour. God Forgives, I Don’t will be available July 31st.

Check out the trailer to Diddy’s Paris Is Burning, a documentary filmed during his time in Paris, France. Get a glimpse of the entrepreneur’s life and the chaos of his celebrity. Directed by Julien Bachelet. If we’re lucky, Shyne is in this movie.

Nicolas Cocaign, dubbed “The Cannibal of Rouen” has been sentenced to 30 years in prison in France. On Thursday, a French court convicted Cocaign of killing his cellmate and eating part of the man’s lung and sentenced him to 30 years in prison. The 39-year-old Cocaign may benefit from early release after psychiatric treatment and […]

Anti-smoking ads in France that appear to show a teen boy and a teen girl on their knees about to perform oral sex on a man are causing a stir. The ads from the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association display the two adolescents kneeling at the waist of a businessman with a cigarette in their mouth. The […]