Floyd Mayweather put on his tap shoes, top hat, and white gloves in front of the Gucci store last week in the wake of the blackface controversy the brand is contending with. Despite calls from protests from T.I., including a scathing diss track from the ATL rapper, Money Mayweather is delightfully cooning in a new […]

T.I. and Floyd Mayweather definitely aren’t the of best friends, so don’t expect a buddy cop feature from these two anytime soon. Tip unleashed a scathing diss of the retired boxer titled “F**k N***a” in the wake of Money Mayweather’s Gucci cooning and tap dance show.


Does boycotting Gucci include even saying it’s name in a song? We’re not totally sure but that’s the route that Lil Pump has decided to go as he’s confirmed that he will indeed join the boycott of the controversial brand, but will continue to perform his breakout hit “Gucci Gang.”

Just as sure as the sun rises, 50 Cent keeps his petty pistol locked and loaded. Floyd Mayweather, a frequent victim of Fif’s online slander, caught some more shots in the wake of his Gucci shopping spree to which 50 Cent highlighted with comical effect.

While the boycott on Gucci continues Hip-Hop is seeing who is truly down for the cause. Apparently Kodak Black is not.

Floyd Mayweather has never been one to strike a social justice stance, but few would have expected him to defy a growing notion that Gucci isn’t down with Black people. After the fashion brand’s blackface snafu, Money Mayweather gleefully stunted on the boycott by going on a Gucci shopping spree.

Gucci is going to learn today. Several rappers have decided to put their money where their mouth is and shun the brand.


Since Donald Trump too office in 2017, racists and bigots across America felt emboldened to let their true feelings be known, and as if on cue highend fashion brands like Prada, Moncler and more recently Gucci have been releasing blackface inspired collections as if to appease a certain MAGA base. Needless to say that there’s […]

It is the year 2019 and we’re still having to tell white people around the globe that blackface is an offensive practice and yet, it still persists. Gucci is responsible for the latest instance of this racist act and a Twitter dragging of epic proportion has commenced.

Dapper Dan continues to receive his long overdue praise. Gucci has now dedicated a book in his honor.

A style robbery has provided one of Hip-Hop’s greatest influencers a once in a lifetime collaborative opportunity. Dapper Dan’s designs with Gucci have finally come to life.

Dapper Dan continues to flourish. Gucci has released a ready-to-wear capsule with the legendary tailor.