The EP, completely helmed by Fraud, is a fitting sequel to the 2019 classic.

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Go ahead and add Daytona (formally known as The Kid Daytona) to the growing list of rappers who signed record deals without being XXL Freshmen. The Bronx lyricist just inked a deal with producer Harry Fraud and his Surf School Recordings (SRFSCHL).

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Springtime means class is back in session for another crop of XXL Freshmen and Twitter is definitely buzzing in anticipation for the unveiling of the 10 rappers whose lives and careers will be permanently altered.

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Maffew Ragazino may or may not be your personal rap savior but he’s certain to preach from his lyrical pulpit no matter how much recognition he gets.

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“While You Were Sleeping” exists purely to showcase quality indie and underground Hip-Hop/Rap releases that are regularly overlooked, under promoted or downright ignored by most supposed “Rap” or “Hip-Hop” sites.

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Smoke DZA connects with two fellow marijuana enthusiasts in Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y on a track dedicated to their favorite pastime. Titled “Legends In the Making (Ashtray Pt. 2),” the trio remind listeners that they’re not to be trifled with.

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We’re convinced that Curren$y could debut a new project bi-weekly if he saw fit. His latest opus comes in the form of an EP done in collaboration with Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud.

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Not many rising producer and rapper combos have a synergy on wax like Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud. Yesterday, the duo released their latest collaborative effort, “Obey Your Thirst.”

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Well, this isn’t a surprise. Curren$y keeps the new output coming, as per usual, with a hazy visual for his groovy opus, “Audio Dope 4.”

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AG Da Coroner steps back onto the scene with “Welcome To My World” off his forthcoming EP, Crushed Grapes.

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Curren$y is known to create and release songs with very little turn around time. Case in point, the baby-faced rhymer returns with “Audio Dope 4” just a day after previewing the studio session in a vlog.

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Action Bronson is having a better year than most of your favorite MCs. And did we mention that his music’s been top notched, too? Last night, the Queens native returned with a new track called “Water Sports.”