howard stern

If some folks don’t have nothing else…they have audacity. Longtime radio host Howard Stern took to the airwaves this week to scold media mogul Oprah Winfrey for “showing off” her wealth on Instagram.

Howard Stern might be the most famous shock jock of his era but it appears he’s using his massive platform to call out the recent comments made by Ye aka Kanye West. During a broadcast of his wildly popular radio show, Stern compared the Chicago superstar to Adolf Hitler.

Snoop Dogg really likes his marijuana. So much so that the Hip-Hop legend has a professional blunt roller on the payroll.

Robin Givens was put on front street when her ex-husband Mike Tyson wrote in his memoir that he rolled up on Givens in bed with Brad Pitt, this after discovering them in a car one night prior to that alleged event. Givens shot down the rumor of the affair with Pitt but did confirm that […]

At the age of 46, Snoop Dogg is still much a relevant figure that has used Hip-Hop to propel himself to a pop culture status very few would believe over the course of his two decades and going career. Sitting down with radio icon Howard Stern, the Doggfather regaled listeners with a tale where the […]

The rumored cat fight between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj is now water under the bridge. Rap’s biggest ladies talked through their misunderstanding earlier this week.

The Game was on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM today. You read that right. With his fifth album, Jesus Piece, in stores tomorrow, the Compton rapper paid a visit to Stern’s XM Radio show and in the clip below discusses his relationship with Chris Brown, who he considers a “little brother.”

The family of Tupac Shakur is blasting allegations that he hated gay people. The rumor stems from a Howard Stern interview where Suge Knight  stated that the slain rapper didn’t like homos-xuals, citing Dr. Dre as an example. “Tupac stood up and said, I’m tired of this.  Dre, you’s a fa**ot. You’re a homos-xual,” Knight told […]