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The family of Tupac Shakur is blasting allegations that he hated gay people. The rumor stems from a Howard Stern interview where Suge Knight  stated that the slain rapper didn’t like homos-xuals, citing Dr. Dre as an example. “Tupac stood up and said, I’m tired of this.  Dre, you’s a fa**ot. You’re a homos-xual,” Knight told Stern, but according to TMZ, the former Death Row honcho is misinformed.

A representative for Pac’s family reached out to the website calling Knight’s claims “totally false,” confirming that the West Coast MC not only had no problem with anyone’s s-xual preference, but was friendly with openly gay fashion designer Gianni Versace. Shakur also participated in a Versace fashion show in 1996, the same year that he was gunned down on the Las Vegas strip, following a Mike Tyson fight.

Knight has yet to respond to the family calling him a liar, but if Pac was accepting of gay people— as a noted member of the Hip-Hop community— he was most definitely ahead of  his time. The long-standing debate over same-s-x marriage became a major topic of discussion within the political sector, after President Obama announced his support of gay marriage in an interview with ABC. Following his statements, Jay-Z threw his support behind the Commander in Chief, noting that the issue is “holding the country back.” Jay went on to say that whatever people chose to do behind closed doors “is their business” and that everyone deserves the right to “choose to love whoever you love.”


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