iPhone 6 Plus customers are complaining that the ultra thin device is bending in their back pockets. Not a huge deal, since iPhone 5s, and other phones have been known to be flexible but it’s probably an inconvenience. 

So yeah, Apple just won. The company sold over 10 million of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus models since Friday (Sept. 19).

If you were lucky enough to score an iPhone 6 before the drought, chances are you’ll cherish it for the first couple of weeks. Months, even. That was the case for a “bloke” by the name of Jack Cooksey in Perth, Australia who was the first to emerge from their store with Apple’s newest device […]

Apple fans around the world were already aware of the big announcements made by the tech giant earlier Tuesday, and the yearly frenzy for all things iPhone most definitely lived up to hype. Now that Apple has unveiled its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Watch, and Apple Pay products, we’ll break down what we’ve learned […]

When Apple speaks, people generally listen. Today’s announcement of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and more is further proof that the aforementioned statement remains true whether or not the audience are fans of their products.

The moment Apple supporters has finally arrived. CEO Tim Cook unveiled the details for new iPhone 6 and Apple’s new baby will be twins! The iPhone 6’s counterpart–the iPhone 6 plus arrive with more bells and whistles than an antique shop but what exactly are they? Continue on through the gallery to find out.

Apple fans are already anticipating purchasing the upcoming iPhone 6, which will be unveiled at an event next month. Also at that same event, the tech giant is jumping into the smartwatch fray with a first look at its iWatch product as well.

The NYPD nabbed a pair of teen robbers Wednesday in the Fort Greene Park section of Brooklyn after they used a phone they stole from a man to take a selfie pic. Cops also suspect that the two have been responsible for a series of muggings in the area, and they now face several counts […]

Today (September 10), leading technology giant Apple unveiled its latest versions of the popular iPhone from their base of operations in Cupertino, Calif. The beefed-up 5S and budget class 5C are the new darlings of the smartphone block.

After several developing stories over the weekend teased the announcement of a gold-colored iPhone 5s, it has been confirmed that the color scheme will be unveiled in a special launch event next month.

Apple geeks, circle September 10 on your calendars. Rumors are swirling about that a pair of new iPhones will be unveiled on that date. After earlier news that a budget version of the popular iPhone was possibly being released, sources say the flagship 5 version will also see a hardware update.

If you’ve ever stretched your patience waiting in line at a crowded bar, wait no more.  BarEye, a new app launched Thursday (July 25), allows users to skip the human list and order drinks digitally.