Realizing the depths of the issues between their people, an Arab rapper and Israeli educator released a rap video that has gone viral due to their ambitious aims to tear down racism between the cultures.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill has carved out a career as one of the more visible CNN commentators in recent times and has been applauded for his strong views and stances. However, the network fired Hill after comments he made about Israel and Palestine rubbed his bosses the wrong way apparently.

Protests along the Gaza-Israel border have been raging for weeks now as Palestinians are asking for a series of demands including allowing Palestinian refugees to return to Israel. As the United States Embassy opened in Jerusalem on Monday, dozens of protesters who tried to cross the border were killed by Israeli forces including a baby […]

One might ask, how could Kanye West possibly top jumping into Yerevan’s Swan Lake in his father-in-law’s country of Armenia? Announce a free surprise concert at the Jerusalem Citadel’s Tower Of David Museum, of course. Too bad that show got canceled for conflicting reasons we’re able to gather.

A top official from Hamas has publicly announced that the group did kidnap and kill three Israeli teens this past June, which was the impetus for the current conflict in the region. Although Hamas has hailed the slaying, this is the first time it has come forth to claim responsibility.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine continues to mount, with now over 1,300 dead and an overwhelming amount of the casualties being children. On Wednesday, the Israeli Defense Force bombed a school serving as a United Nations shelter and the organization has condemned the attack by calling it “shameful.”

Russell Simmons is without doubt a pioneer in the world of Hip-Hop, but someone needs to get Uncle Rush away from social media for a bit. The mogul blasted out a tweet in condolences for former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who died this weekend, apparently confusing him with Israel’s current president Shimon Peres and sparking […]

Being Jewish doesn’t mean that Shyne automatically sides with Israel over the unrest in the Middle East resulting in airstrikes launched to and from Palestine. The longstanding disagreement between the two countries hit another bloody note last week when Israel shot missiles across the border, into neighboring Gaza City, as a reported act of self-defense. […]

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is en route to the Middle East today in hopes of facilitating an end to airstrikes that have claimed the lives of more than 100 people in Gaza City. Once she arrives, Clinton will meet with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

Israeli airstrikes continue to ripple through Gaza City, bringing the Palestinian death toll to 100 Monday (Nov. 19), nearly a quarter of which are children.  According to the Facebook page of ministry spokesperson Ashraf Al-Qidra, 24 children and 10 women have died from the attacks.

When faced with the important decision of attending meetings with world leaders at the United Nations, or sitting with Barbara Walters, it’s not always good to choose the acclaimed journalist. President Obama is facing criticism for failing to hold meetings prior to his U.N. address Tuesday (Sept. 25), instead sitting with his wife, Michelle Obama, […]

Mitt Romney’s overseas tour has hit one snag after another. First, the Republican presidential hopeful slammed the London for not having adequate security for the Olympic games, prompting a verbal jab from the city’s mayor, and now he’s angered Palestine. During his stop in Israel, Romney praised the country for its economic success, while slamming Palestine, […]