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The Situation’s got a situation on his hands. The Jersey Shore star, born Michael Sorrentino, and his brother/manager Marc Sorrentino have been accused of filing false tax returns from 2010 – 2012.

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Lil Wayne has been through a lot this week, but his appearance on MTV’s latest reality show/talk show revealed some big news from the Young Money honcho. As the first guest of Jersey Shore cast member Vinny Guadagnino’s mash-up show, Weezy said he’s engaged to his girlfriend, Dhea Sodano. 

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Maybe Lil Wayne doesn’t hate New York all that much. Young Tune is one of the debut guests on MTV’s new show, The Show with Vinny. 


Help has arrived for the state of New Jersey. The area, where Superstorm Sandy made landfall as a tropical cyclone was battered by the storm’s harsh winds, and flooded by the ocean, prompting the Navy to send three helicopters carrier ships to help with recovery efforts, Wednesday (Oct. 31) morning.

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Mitt Romney couldn’t catch a break if his life depended on it. Still facing the heat over his comments from the utterly embarrassing, but candid, statements he made during a dinner with donors four months ago, the 65-year-old wants to appeal to minorities. Romney was already on the campaign trail to snag Latino voters when […]


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