Mitt Romney couldn’t catch a break if his life depended on it. Still facing the heat over his comments from the utterly embarrassing, but candid, statements he made during a dinner with donors four months ago, the 65-year-old wants to appeal to minorities.

Romney was already on the campaign trail to snag Latino voters when the tape hit the ‘Net, and in the aftermath has done whatever possible to change the tide—including (allegedly) getting a tan to look more “ethnic.”

A couple of sites have pointed out Romney’s obvious skin darkening attempt, theorizing that he wants to look less Caucasian. Here’s what Gawker had to say:

 Has it gotten so bad that Romney is now resorting to “brownface” in order to make himself more appealing to Univision viewers? 

The website Gossip On This noted that if the former governor purposely darkened his skin to speak to Latino voters, it was yet another bad move:

Does he really think that he can win Latino voters over if he’s not as pale? Does he not realize that Latinos come in every hue, from pale like talks show host Cristina Saralegui, to chocolate brown like the late Celia Cruz?

Latino is a culture, not a race, so he’s not winning any brownie points for looking like a cooked gringo.

Que estupido.

In his defense, Romney has publicly stated that he’s a fan of Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, so maybe he was just following in her footsteps.


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