Juelz Santana was freed earlier this year after serving a little less than 2 year for firearm charges. The Dipset rapper recently explained the circumstances that momentarily cost him his freedom—fleeing an airport after TSA discovered a gun in his luggage.

The last couple of years have probably been the toughest years in Juelz Santana’s Rap career. One of his properties has been taken while he is behind bars.

It seems Juelz Santana is reconsidering his legal strategy. His lawyers have rescinded their request to ease up the restrictions on his home confinement.

Juelz Santana will have to fight for his freedom in a federal court. The Dipset rapper faces up to 20 years in the pen for trying to bring a pistol into Newark Airport.

He ran, the Internet clowned him, then authorities caught him, and now Juelz Santana has his day in court.

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