Keke Palmer

Actress Keke Palmer hosted 'Saturday Night Live' on Dec. 3 and announced she was pregnant during her opening monologue.

Keke Palmer will be hosting 'SNL' for the first time, and SZA will be the musical guest. The 'Nope' actress excitedly shared the news with her fans via Twitter on Saturday night.

A fan on TikTok suggested that Keke Palmer should play the role of the powerful X-Men mutant, Rogue, and the actress seems to agree.

Keke Palmer and Zendaya found themselves the center of a debate on colorism and their respective careers in Hollywood.

Jordan Peele’s latest film Nope had us all assuming that the film’s reluctant protagonist we’re looking up and saying NAH at a looming presence in the sky. The final trailer confirms its worst-kept secret.

“What’s a bad miracle?," asks Daniel Kaluuya's character in the trailer for Jordan Peele's latest horror flick, NOPE. Yeah, we're still sold on this one.

The current meme craze where people take modern photos and alter them to look dated claiming some sort of connection, Keke Palmer hopped in on the joke and Halle Berry followed with a timely response that has folks talking

Peele is said to be working on a new and untitled project with Keke Palmer landing a key role.

The actress and media personality seemingly took shots at EBT card users and although she attempted to clarify her statement, Twitter isn't letting it go so easily.

The fallout from the revelation that Alsina and Jada Pinkett-Smith did indeed have a relationship had one fan try to bring Palmer into the mess, making things worse for all involved.


But even with the crowd cheering and chanting for the soldiers to join the movement, things didn't turn into a feel-good moment as one of the guardsman listening to her declined the invitation explaining that he "can't leave this post" as he's under orders from the White House to protect Bunker B*tch all the way from California. Okay, he didn't say all that but we all know why the military was called into action.

It's Wednesday, which means a brand new episode of "STAR" airs on FOX tonight. We've got an exclusive clip for your viewing pleasure.