Legendary brand Converse has linked up with Cleveland bred emcee Kid Cudi for the latest installment in the Converse Short Film series. The short film, which follows Cudi in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio, traces Kid Cudi’s rise to stardom as he walks down memory lane with fans. “I remember when I first started […]


“I DID NOT LEAK IT…” An upcoming track reportedly from Kid Cudi’s next album Cudder: The Revolution of Evolution hit the net this weekend sparking controversy. Rumors were swirling around the track “I Do My Thing” featuring Snoop Dogg, with some people saying that Cudi leaked the song himself and others claiming that it featured […]

Scientists theorize that no one can be heard screaming in outer space, clearly not knowing how loud interplanetary visitors can be. For a testament to the latter, music fans need not look any farther than Hip-Hop’s intergalactic lyricist Kid Cudi, whose incessant whining can be heard from the moon to terra ferma and back. Kanye’s […]