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Scientists theorize that no one can be heard screaming in outer space, clearly not knowing how loud interplanetary visitors can be. For a testament to the latter, music fans need not look any farther than Hip-Hop’s intergalactic lyricist Kid Cudi, whose incessant whining can be heard from the moon to terra ferma and back.

Kanye’s protégé and rap’s reining king of “Emo” is crying foul over a presentation issue with his debut album, Man On The Moon, noting that his brainchild contained a slew of misspellings and typographical errors. Speaking to the masses via his Twitter account, the eclectic rhymester released his frustration over the matter, taking aim at and casting all of the blame on his Universal Motown handlers. “Rediculous,” remarked the “Man on the Moon,” whom might have misspelled the word Ridiculous on purpose as to spark auto-logical humor.

“Loaded my album in my itunes only to discover there r typos in my song titles. MAJOR FAIL on somebodies behalf at MOTOWN. I’m jus thinkin in my head, like, this is unheard of foreal. this has never happened in the history of music. EVER!”

Cudi’s highly anticipated freshman studio album, Man On The Moon: The End Of Day, will officially be available for purchase on September 15th.