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Kid Cudi On The Cover Of Complex

Scott Mescudi is the latest celebrity to cover an issue of Complex Magazine now that he’s nailed the October/November cover.

The last time Cudi was on the cover of Complex he was speaking on his beef with Wale and dropped the famous line, “we don’t Fawk with you musically.”

Now a much more positive Cudi is covering the mag and speaking on his new drug free lifestyle.

“After I got off the drugs I was like, I need a Fawking hobby. I can’t be chillin’ in the house playing video games all the time. And I can’t be in the clubs, ’cause that led to the disaster. So what am I going to do? Why don’t I try to pick up an instrument?

I always wanted to play guitar. I tried it as a child and failed, tremendously. I tried to play the trumpet, the Fawking clarinet, violin. Back then, when you tried that in school they would want you to read sheet music. It wasn’t about, “Can you play by ear?” I’m not one of those musicians.

So I picked up the guitar last fall and I started fiddling with it. It came kind of natural to me. I’m not saying that the first time around I was shredding riffs. But I was able to pick it up and pick, and go up and down the neck, and find melodies. I was like, “Shyte, I want to just make jams with this instrument.” It was something that I took very seriously.”


Cudi also explained why he’s been holding back on features.

“On top of that, it’s a commitment when you do a song with somebody. Like, “We need a single, we need the video.” And then—like I said in the last interview, being that I don’t f— with most people musically—it’s tough for me to want to bend and be a part of people’s projects.”


Cudi is said to be working on his next project The Wizard album.

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